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Our ilk Rose Water is great for toning and hydrating the skin. It is safe and effective for all skin types and helps to balance the natural oil production of the skin. Rose water encourages circulation and a clear, bright complexion. It has a cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory action and helps to rebalance the pH level of the skin. Rose scent evokes a feeling of calmness, peace and tranquillity, it may also be beneficial in soothing feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm!

How to use

Our ilk Rose Water is best applied by lightly spritzing over a freshly cleansed face just before moisturising or applying serums. It can be reapplied throughout the day and can also be used to set makeup. Refrigerate for a cooling spritz in warmer weather or to help with menopausal hot flushes or simply to cool an inflamed skin. You can spritz the Rose Water onto a damp face pad and wipe over the skin or the easiest way is to hold the bottle about 30cm from the face and spritz directly onto the skin. Around 3 – 4 pumps are sufficient, but you may go crazy with the feel and smell and apply much more!

Key ingredients

Australian Certified Organic Essential Rose Otto Oil and water.