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Naturopathically Formulated with 100% Essential Oils, Magnesium & Purified Clay

Your naturopathic blend of magnesium sulphate, purified clay and essentials oils, has been formulated to not only provide relief of physical tension but also ease emotional and mental stress. The use of aromatherapy dates back millennia and the power of these essentials oils, absorbed via the skin as well as through inhalation, provides a beneficial and long lasting effect.

The universe is all about energy whether you call it chi, prana or another name and essential oils have been shown to have their own energetic values that correspond with different areas of the body, so use this delightful form of energy to recharge your energy.

Draw a warm bath or bowl for a foot soak, add 200gm (approx. 1/3 bag) to running water. Whilst waiting for the salts to dissolve, get yourself a fluffy towel, a book, some music and light a candle to create your sanctuary.

TIP: Use a dry, natural bristle brush prior to bathing, in upward, circular strokes starting from your toes to your nose. This will help to remove dead skin cells and improve blood and lymphatic flow.


REST INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Sulphate, Purified Clay and 100% Essentials Oils of...

Mandarin - Known for it's ability to uplift and calm. It also gently improve the quality of your skin. 

Cedarwood - Used to promote deep sleep. Especially effective when used with Lavender.

Lemon - Refreshing and calming after a mentally busy day. 

Lavender - The universal oil! So beneficial, particularly for relaxation.

Chamomile - This gentle oil has the ability to reduce spasmodic muscles both smooth and skeletal.

Bergamot - May help promote healing and help to alleviate stress, anxiety or low mood.


Formulated by Clinical Naturopath